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Insurance Marketplace Realities 2019

A stealth firming of the liability market amid headline-grabbing mergers and acquisitions.

Decode cyber risk.

A fully integrated, comprehensive plan for managing people, capital and technology risks across your enterprise. Any cybersecurity plan that does less can hardly be called security at all. Learn More

HR tips, tools, research and videos

All this and more at The HR Trove, your online store and trusted home for HR pros. Shop now at

2018 Getting Compensation Right Survey Findings

Five keys to getting compensation right. Read the full report.

So maybe you figured out what blockchain is — but what can you do with it?

Focus on solutions, not technicalities. Read the full article.

Natural resources: intelligent risk management

The Natural Resources industries are renowned for their complex and unique risk management challenges, and so it's vital that all the elements of a company's risk management strategy are brought together effectively to lower overall risk costs. Our specialists understand these challenges, and have a lifetime's experience of our industries in all their forms.

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