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Willis is a recognised leader in the provision of insurance and risk solutions to airport authorities. With a substantial market share - for example, over 60% of the insured airports in Europe are brought to the market by Willis - we bring a large amount of experience in this sector.

Airports are like small cities with millions of people, thousands of vehicles and tonnes of cargo interfacing with the highly technologically advanced aircraft of today's airlines. The airport authorities, either themselves or via agents or contractors, provide the environment and infrastructure for this interface to happen.

Everywhere from the car parks, bus or railway stations, via the terminal building, shops and restaurants, security areas, lounges and gates right through to the ramp, maintenance areas, storage areas, taxiways and runways, the airport authority has responsibility for the safe, secure, efficient and economic provision of the services needed to keep the airlines flying.

Risk Factors

Needless to say this high-pressure environment can inevitably lead to incidents and accidents. If the airport authority can be found in any way to have caused, or contributed to the cause of, the incident then they may be pursued by the injured parties or their insurers and found legally liable, for example:

  • A ground service vehicle damaged an aircraft engine during a fast turnaround, which later caused the engine to fail in flight
  • A passenger tripped and injured himself while walking in the terminal building
  • The airport authority failed to clear the runway of ice or debris that is ingested into an aircraft engine.
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