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Willis Towers Watson arrange insurance solutions for a wide range of livestock risks, including (but not limited to) beef cattle feedlots, dairy farms, pig breeding/rearing operations, poultry breeding/broiler farms, alpacas and deer as well as zoo, safari and university facilities. We can also provide mortality and loss of revenue protection for public aquaria and high value animals such as dolphins and orcas.

Our global livestock portfolio boasts many types of risks from cattle and poultry farms to zoos and exotic species.

We are able to offer tailor-made coverage for all of your livestock interests. Types of coverage include:

  • Full Mortality
  • Theft
  • Restricted Perils (fire, lightning, windstorm)
  • Infertility
  • Disease
  • Transit Cover
  • Loss of Income
  • Frozen Embryo and Semen
  • Government-Mandated Slaughter

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