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The Hedge Fund industry is very complex and one which until recently was not very well understood by anyone other than those who worked and invested into the sector.

We have experienced and dedicated teams operating globally with specific representations in the London and New York markets.

We provide specialist risk identification and insurance broking services for corporate and personal liabilities in the hedge fund management sector. The risks, solutions and products can be highly complex and inadequate risk assessment and poor advice may lead to restricted policy coverage and increased costs.

Professional Risk insurance for hedge funds and their managers has become more widespread during the last 5 years.

The key areas of coverage offered by insurers are:

  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  • Civil Liability (Professional Indemnity) Insurance
  • Crime Insurance

The hedge fund industry is a high risk / high reward arena and when funds fail there is a growing consequence to the general economy.

The recent sub-prime problems and the ensuing credit crunch has impacted the performance of many hedge funds and led to a number of hedge fund blow ups. This in turn has led to greater regulatory and media spotlight for the industry.

The expansion of regulatory requirements, external auditing and a higher level of media coverage has led to an increase in possible litigation from fund investors.

We believe the need for hedge funds to consider Professional Risks and Investor Protection insurances has never been greater.

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