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Intergovernmental Organizations face many challenges in an increasingly unpredictable world. Activities range from providing local resources on projects assisting countries recovering from war or natural disaster, to helping countries developing trade and service economies. These varied activities lead to a diverse multi-cultural workforce, spread across the globe.

Workforces are the key asset in the operation of these organizations. They often fall outside local social security systems, due to the special privileges and immunities afforded to these organizations. Provision must therefore be made by employers for income protection and dependant’s support should their staff be injured or become ill as a result of performing their official duties.

Willis has over fifty years’ experience arranging injury and illness insurance for such organizations. Working with insurers and our specialist Liability Wordings Team we have developed policy wordings which meet the specific needs of international organizations, reflecting their contractual obligations to staff under the specific forms of contract used. One such wording is an Injury and Illness compensation insurance, which follows the contractual obligations of staff compensation plans and meets awards made within the terms of these plans.

More and more organizations whose work is predominantly project-based are employing greater numbers of short-term staff and consultants. Willis can arrange Injury and Illness insurance, paying a predefined capital sum benefit in the event of a claim and which can be tailored to specific requirements.

In recent years there has been a noticeable increase in terrorist attacks, threatening areas and groups which were not previously seen as targets. Intergovernmental organizations have staff in many parts of the world where there is war and unrest, as well as large accumulations of staff in headquarter locations in major cities, which have become more frequent targets for terrorists. Injury and Illness insurance against malicious acts including acts of terrorism can be arranged by the Willis Accident & Health Team.

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