Global Peril Diagnostic

This sophisticated diagnostic model evaluates your property portfolio to assess natural catastrophe exposure, designed with your needs in mind.

This tool provides clarity to your exposure to terrorism and a range of twelve natural perils which put your global assets at risk. Our holistic diagnosis empowers you with a strategic foundation for smart next level analytics.

Global Peril Diagnostic's refined evaluation of your comprehensive catastrophe risk includes:

  • Gain insight into your terrorism exposure, with quarterly updates to target areas.
  • A concise global view of natural perils, the foundation for a smart analytic approach to catastrophe risk
  • Interactive map showing the location and peril scores for each of your properties worldwide, and visualization of hazard layers
  • Diagnoses your Quality of Address Data, because improving this is the single biggest opportunity to change how the market perceives your exposure
  • Risk adjusted benchmarking compares the your property portfolio to the universe of Willis Tower Watson clients

Why should you use the Global Peril Diagnostic?

  • Use this tool to better understand your exposure to terrorism and twelve natural perils. To which perils are you exposed? Which locations are at risk?
  • Use this tool to identify areas of exposure which warrant a deep dive analytic engagement like traditional catastrophe modeling or an engineering review. The Global Peril Diagnostic serves as a sophisticated foundation on which we build next-level analytics.

For whom is it appropriate?

  • The Global Peril Diagnostic is designed for all clients with any number of locations anywhere in the world. It is suited for clients with diverse property portfolios and locations on multiple continents, and also provides valuable information for our regional clients.

What geographies does this tool support?

  • The Global Peril Diagnostic is a truly global tool and supports all geographies.

When should you use Global Peril Diagnostic?

  • Use ahead of a property insurance renewal to determine which perils and which geographies may need additional analytics or additional peril coverages.
  • Use when exploring new sites, whether new construction or acquisitions.
  • Use whenever you would like to assess your business continuity plans or to determine how many locations are exposed to an event on the horizon.

What can I do with information gained from Global Peril Diagnostic?

  • Reveal where advanced analytics would be fruitful:
    • For which perils and regions should you review traditional catastrophe modeling?
    • Where might you benefit from an engineering review?