Peer Analytics

The Analytical Broker journey starts with Peer Analytics. At Willis Towers Watson, we envision benchmarking as the entry point to your holistic risk evaluation through our suite of analytic offerings. Our peer analytics go beyond simple comparisons, thoughtfully combining qualitative broking data with our robust actuarial and financial metrics. Redefine your peer group and reveal insight to shape your risk mitigation strategies.

  • Visualization of pricing and risk retention dynamics for an interactive view of how your risk is perceived by the marketplace
  • Benchmarking your current insurance program (rate, retention, limit) against risk specific peers.
  • Highlighting key problem areas in your current insurance program through frequency and severity benchmarking and market analytics.
  • Providing risk adjusted alternatives where appropriate.

Why should you use Peer Analytics?

  • Understand how the market perceives your risk.
  • Diagnose problems within coverage, exposure, and loss. These initial findings become entry points to additional analytical capabilities within Willis Towers Watson.

For whom is it appropriate?

  • Peer Analytics is appropriate for all clients to demonstrate how relevant coverage, exposure, and loss metrics benchmark against a well-defined, risk appropriate peer group.

What geographies does this tool support?

  • Peer Analytics will evolve globally as local business needs dictate.

When should you use Peer Analytics?

  • Use this tool to begin the client journey by diagnosing areas of concern around risk mitigation through risk specific benchmarking.

What can you do with the information gained from Peer Analytics?

  • Begin the discussion around risk mitigation strategies with stepping stones to other analytics and consulting engagement capabilities where appropriate.

Future Enhancements

  • Peer Analytic models in development include Casualty Insight & Analytics, Financial Lines Insight & Analytics, EMod Diagnostic and Advanced Claims Package.