Risk Intelligence Link

Part of our Risk Intelligence Central platform, Risk Intelligence Link allows you and any other key stakeholder groups to collaborate efficiently via your computer, tablet and smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The document workspace at the heart of RI Link facilitates quick and easy document organization using metadata tags. Quickly retrieve documents based on their content, not just the title. For more complex or multinational businesses Risk Intelligence Link offers discrete workspaces for separate divisions to access and update their own data.

In a world of data security and GDPR, Risk Intelligence Link provides peace of mind when handling sensitive data. If a document is uploaded in error in can be quickly taken down and removed whereas a miss-directed email attachment cannot easily be retrieved. All RI Link workspaces show which Willis Towers Watson, Client and Third Party users can access content.

Why should you use Risk Intelligence Link?

  • Minimize GDPR concerns and eliminate version control woes with Risk Intelligence Link’s intuitive and secure document sharing capabilities.
  • Discover a curated news source with thought leadership tailored to your industry.
  • Make the most of your meetings with smart and collaborative planning tools:
    • Each agenda time can be allocated a time slot to ensure a productive and efficient meeting.
    • All supplementary information can be uploaded and tagged to the agenda item it relates to. Once supplementary information is agreed, the app will automatically generate a packet to share with all attendees.

For whom is it appropriate?

  • Risk Intelligence Link is helpful for all clients who would like to facilitate easy collaboration within their own organization and with their Willis Towers Watson partners.

What geographies does this tool support?

  • RI Link is a global application supporting all geographies.

When should you use Risk Intelligence Link?

  • Use the team calendar to prepare for any upcoming meetings or to request a meeting with your client service team.
  • Use the Links page at any time as a curated source of news related to risk management and your industry.
  • Use the document collaboration feature throughout your standard workflow as a secure platform which also helps with version control.