Risk Tolerance Clarified

This collaborative financial analysis gives a clear and customized view of risk resilience across your entire organization. This tool empowers your firm to define an integrated risk tolerance statement.

Risk Tolerance Clarified enables you to identify your financial strengths and weaknesses specific to your areas of concern, as well as stress test your resilience to adverse financial scenarios. This live and interactive financial analysis arms you to engage risk throughout your corporate strategy.

With Risk Tolerance Clarified, you will:

  • Understand your vulnerabilities: reveal your strengths. How do your financials compare to your peers? What do they say about your solvency potential, earnings power, and cash flow utilization?
  • Engage the entire organization. Establish a risk tolerance strategy through Risk and Finance all the way up to the C-Suite and Board of Directors.
  • Embed an efficient risk view. Empower smarter and more consistent business decision making.
  • Optimize risk management within your corporate strategy.
  • Foster Growth. Encourage innovation. Take Calculated Risks.

Why should you use Risk Tolerance Clarified?

  • Use this tool to gain immediate insight into your financial prowess compared with your peers.
  • Use this tool to understand how your current financial picture can change under any adverse financial scenarios.
  • Use this tool to develop an explicit view of how your firm should manage risk. Risk Tolerance Clarified calculates various financial thresholds which adversely affect your areas of concern, allowing you to incorporate risk into smarter business decisions.

For whom is it appropriate?

  • This tool is designed for companies of all sizes, public or private.
  • Risk Tolerance Clarified is especially useful for firms with various decision making stakeholders responsible for financial results.

What geographies does this tool support?

  • Risk Tolerance Clarified is a global financial analysis tool supporting all geographies.

When should you use Risk Tolerance Clarified?

  • Use it as part of Enterprise Risk Management discussions to form a unified and company-wide Risk Tolerance Statement.
  • Use it when making a business decisions which require an incorporated view of risk.
  • Use it alongside our other risk quantification tools to make informed risk management decisions.

What can I do with information gained from Risk Tolerance Clarified?

  • Implement an effective risk management culture.
  • Take Calculated Risks.