Corporate Risk and Broking

Risk is fundamental to everything we do in CRB. We help demystify it so you can have greater clarity in your decision making, feel more secure about your organization's future, expand into new products and markets, and invest more wisely.

Risk Assessment

As the analytical broker, we combine high-quality data and scientific knowledge with the most innovative platforms to help you identify and quantify how risk impacts your firm's strategic goals.

Risk Management and Advisory

We help you optimize your risk management strategies by creating effective and reliable risk mitigation solutions that help you solve your biggest risk challenges using leading-edge advisory, broking and technology solutions.

Risk Transfer and Placement

We are focused on the best solution for you, not the most revenue for us, meaning that our priority is to tailor insurance programs to your company's unique risk profile.

Claim Advocacy

We understand that insurance matters most when things go wrong, which is why we are the only global broker that does not outsource its claim functions to third parties. This ensures your claims get paid in a full and timely manner.

Insurance programme design, negotiation and management

Our expertise in retirement program strategy, design and execution helps your organization meet its workforce needs.

Every client service team includes Natural Resources market specialists

Global team ensures clients have access to the most competitive worldwide markets

Market negotiators work as a single team to ensure the most competitive and secure carriers are offered to clients

Access to wider, more competitive risk transfer products

Development of strategic risk partnerships with key markets

Actuarial analyses and cost of risk optimisation

We use research, benchmarking tools and technology to gauge overall health benefit program efficiency, value and competitive positioning. With that information, we work with you to design high-performance programs and execute the placement of health and group benefit services.

Development of an individual value proposition to your potential risk partners

Provision of greater certainty to overall risk retention and transfer strategies

Ensures greater resilience in the face of catastrophic losses

Justifies premium allocations across business units around the world to regulators

Optimum balance between risk retention and transfer achieved, leading to lower overall risk costs in the longer term

Risk engineering

We build organization, job and reward framework solutions that deliver the right return on investment and help you create a culture that motivates talent. Our HR software handles complex organization needs and delivers engaging employee experiences.

Bespoke loss scenario development and quantification across all project phases and activities

Comprehensive facility risk profiles can be compared to the client's overall risk retention and transfer strategies to ensure that they are optimal

Successful cooperative surveys and loss assessment reviews assist clients in reducing their risks over the short, medium and long term

Risks properly assessed and mitigation measures introduced, minimizing the probability of significant incidents occurring

Contractual and regulatory reviews

Multinational organizations face unique and complex human capital and benefit issues. To support them, we offer a dedicated team that consults to the global and regional headquarters of multinational companies on all aspects of their compensation and benefit programs.

Contractual and regulatory obligations understood, enabling correct risk transfer and mitigation strategies to be implemented

Provide additional certainty and accountability to the risk management process

Full integration within contract negotiations allows for assistance and advice early in the process which helps avoid costly commitments

Claims Management

We provide complete administration solutions that support the needs of both participants and employers, with a focus on timely and accurate administration.

In-house claims specialists with a nominated Claims Advocate for each client

In-depth knowledge of accountants, adjusters and other experts likely to be appointed by insurers

Our claims contacts exist at the highest level within insurer organisations

We "own" and manage the process from beginning to end

We have the right knowledge and expertise to accelerate the recovery of claim funds under policies

Political Risk Consulting

We provide complete administration solutions that support the needs of both participants and employers, with a focus on timely and accurate administration.

Protects against loss of equity or assets on balance sheet from catastrophic loss

Protects against cash (profits, dividends, debt service) being trapped in host country

Attracts bank funding (if required), as political risks have been mitigated