Human Capital and Benefits

Working as integral partners with you, we combine advisory services and technology to create an integrated end-to-end solution and a consistent experience, whether your organization is a multinational looking for a holistic approach to benefits and human capital or one focused on discrete solutions.


Our expertise in retirement program strategy, design and execution helps your organization meet its workforce needs.

Help clients determine how / whether a retirement plan can serve their objectives

We apply actuarial models to determine member benefit amounts, financial obligations and liability for the company, projects for the future and the cost of the programme as part of M&A, restructuring etc.

We track contemplated and enacted regulatory changes

Health & Benefits

We use research, benchmarking tools and technology to gauge overall health benefit program efficiency, value and competitive positioning. With that information, we work with you to design high-performance programs and execute the placement of health and group benefit services.

Help organizations determine the optimal plan design for their health care, life, disability and other foundational benefits

Work with insurance carriers (and other vendors) to design coverage and specialty benefit plans for clients and place insurance with the carriers on behalf of our clients

Help HR teams implement new plans (including education, communication and administration) and analyze the effectiveness of the plans over time

Help multinationals set strategy, place insurance and manage their benefits programs across their operating countries

Offer group purchasing collaboratives including pharmacy, custom care management and stop loss

Talent & Rewards

We build organization, job and reward framework solutions that deliver the right return on investment and help you create a culture that motivates talent. Our HR software handles complex organization needs and delivers engaging employee experiences.

Help organizations determine the best ways to select, manage, grow, engage and reward their talent for work and contributions

Provide data & insights, advice & solutions focused on compensation benchmarking, employee engagement benchmarking, software efficiency and accuracy and applied experience and best practice

Publish various research and thought leadership from which our clients can extract our data and insights

Global Services & Solutions

Multinational organizations face unique and complex human capital and benefit issues. To support them, we offer a dedicated team that consults to the global and regional headquarters of multinational companies on all aspects of their compensation and benefit programs.

Help our multinational clients globally with expert services in brokerage, health & benefits and retirement

Enabling multinational clients to manage their benefits programs around the world with brokerage, administration, enrolment and participant services

Our M&A team provides services for pre- and post-transactions including due diligence (e.g. pension liability), and planning and execution of mergers, divestitures and re-organizations

Technology & Administration Services

We provide complete administration solutions that support the needs of both participants and employers, with a focus on timely and accurate administration.

Relieve clients of the administration burden involved in maintaining retirement plans for their active and terminated employees

Provide members with estimates of their pension (retirement) benefits. These calculations help individuals to financially prepare for their retirement

We have service centre colleagues who coordinate with financial institutions and with plan members to answer questions about plan rules and benefit calculations